Are You Looking for Fun and Adventure!

Would you like to really experience the outdoors? Would you like to learn Scuba Diving? Whitewater? Kayaking?

How about going to another state to do rock climbing? Cave exploring? Hiking the Appalachian Trail?

Whatever it is that you’d like to do, the Venturing program is flexible. Not only do you and your friends come up with the things you REALLY want to do, but it also helps you achieve other objectives that are important in your life.

Public Speaking, career choices, community service projects, meeting new people, recognition, and especially leadership development are skills you’ll use your whole life. And you can start working on them now.

With trips and activities year round, the fun, excitement, and adventures never stops.


What did you do this weekend?

How to Join Venture Crew 73?

Venturing is for boys and girls age 14 through 20.

The best way to join our Crew is to come to one of our meetings.  Please send us an email at for information on our next meeting time and location.